Digital Marketing And
Janitorial Executives

Local Jani helps independently owned janitorial companies grow their business by providing a cost effective, proven marketing system.  Since our humble beginnings years ago as a janitorial franchise owner, we have developed an affordable sales and marketing system that helped us break free from the constraints of franchise ownership.  Over the years, we’ve used this marketing system to double the size of our janitorial company time and time again.

The biggest obstacle to growing a janitorial business is sales and marketing.  That’s why many janitorial companies rely on subcontracting or franchising to get new accounts.   Our marketing program provides the assistance you need to get those accounts on your own.

Our goals are the same as yours.  To help you close more accounts on a steady basis and ensure the future success of your company.  We can help you do that by providing sales and marketing techniques with a proven track record of success.  If you already have a marketing program in place, but aren’t satisfied with the results you’re getting, we can provide a free evaluation to help get your company on the right track towards growth.