Get Better Janitorial Leads With Inbound Marketing

Get Decision Makers Calling You When They’re Ready To Hire.

Your goals are clear.  You want to grow your cleaning business as quickly as you can.  But, you need a reliable source of qualified janitorial leads that puts you in contact with decision makers to close more accounts.  You might be interested in growing your company, but you aren’t sure about which marketing strategy to use.

So, how do you choose the most effective strategy for your company? If you want decision makers calling you when they’re ready to hire, it might be time to look at inbound marketing.

Get Better Janitorial Leads And Close More Contracts With Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing strategies, such as Google ads and SEO, puts your company in front of prospects, i.e. decision makers, when they are searching online for a janitorial service. The business owner has decided to change cleaning companies and is researching your company online before contacting you. This strategy produces qualified, “warm” janitorial leads that are easier to close.

Why Local Cleaning Companies Are Using Inbound Marketing:

Studies show that 79% of all people start their search online when they are ready to buy a product or hire a service. And, with 50% of cleaning contracts going out to bid each year, there’s a lot of new business available online.  If you aren’t doing inbound marketing yet, it’s not too late to get in the game.

Your Competition Is Doing Inbound Because It Works:

 If you’re not sure whether inbound marketing is right for you, consider this.  Why would so many companies be doing it if they weren’t getting a good return on their investment?  If you haven’t looked online recently, you should run some searches in your area to see who else is using inbound marketing.

Run a search using at least these two different keywords (add your city name to the search):


Janitorial service (put your city name here)

Commercial cleaning service (put your city name here)

Look at the top of page 1 of Google’s search results and see who is running an ad. Notice any familiar names?   Look below in the maps section and see who is listed there.  Then scroll down to the listings below the maps section and see which companies come up.  All of the companies that are showing up on page 1 wouldn’t be there if they weren’t doing some type of inbound marketing.

Can You Afford Inbound Marketing? 

 Inbound marketing strategies can provide a great return on investment.  But, these strategies have to be executed correctly to be cost effective.  If you try PPC and SEO on your own or hire an agency without janitorial marketing experience, you could make a lot of costly mistakes.  And, this can adversely affect your overall results and ROI from your inbound marketing campaigns.

How To Start An Inbound Marketing Program:

  1. Establish An Online presence:  Having a website, Google My Business page, and directory listings is a prerequisite.
  2. Improve Online Visibility:  Getting your company seen on page 1 of Google is an essential part of your marketing strategy.
  3. Generate Qualified Leads:  Creating website content and directory profiles that gets prospects calling you after they find you online.

Outbound Janitorial Leads Are “Colder” And Harder To Close:

Outbound marketing tries to set appointments with businesses BEFORE they have decided to change cleaning companies.  Lead generation services, telemarketing companies, cold calling and door-to-door are all examples of outbound marketing.

Most outbound leads are considered “colder” because the business owner isn’t usually looking for a new janitorial service.  Bidding these jobs requires multiple touch points.  Outbound leads are harder to close because the decision maker is often absent during walkthroughs.  

7 Inbound Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Janitorial Business:

1) Claim Your Google My Business Page (GMB):

Contrary to popular belief, there are some things in life (and marketing) that are free.  A Google my business page is one of them.  Whether you have a website or not, you can improve your online visibility by claiming and verifying your GMB page. Your business won’t be displayed in the Google maps section on page 1 in the search results without one.

It’s pretty easy to create a Google My Business listing. Google provides a guide to help you through the process here.

2) Build An Online Reputation With Google Reviews:

There’s no way around it.  Word of mouth has gone online.  And, so has your reputation.  In today’s world, most people do online research before buying a product or service. If there’s a list of twenty companies to choose from, people will lean towards picking the highest rated companies in their area.  So, your first goal is to get as many reviews as you can on your Google business page.

A Surefire Way To Get More Google Reviews:

 Asking a customer to write a review is not easy for most people.  Business owners struggle with this every day.  It might be easier to send your customers a text or email asking for a review and include a link to your Google business page.  Your customer will need a Gmail address to write a review (you’ll find that a lot of people already have one).

How Many Reviews Are Enough?

If you’re in the commercial cleaning business and don’t have a lot of reviews yet, don’t worry.   According to a recent study 65% of all cleaning companies have only one review and the average number of reviews per company is only 13.

The study included both residential and commercial cleaning companies.  We have found that the average number of reviews for a commercial cleaning company is much less.  So, having four or five reviews may be enough (to start with) if you’re a commercial cleaning company.

Asking for reviews should be an ongoing process. Customers tend to read and trust the most recent reviews.

3) Get Listed In Authoritative Business Directories:

The saying “the more the merrier” is true when trying to get your business listed in different online directories. However, not all listings are created equal.  It’s important to get your janitorial business listed on the directories that Google trusts. Don’t obsess about getting your business listed in every directory you find.  It’s too time consuming and it might not help you rank better anyway.

Click on this link to find some of the best free directory listings to help you get started:

Use the same name, address and phone number for all your listings.  If you’ve moved or changed phone numbers in the past your company may be listed inaccurately on some directories. Inconsistent listings tend to confuse Google and can hurt your online rankings and visibility.

If you don’t’ have the time or inclination to work on directory listings, affordable services are available to help you with the process.

4) Establish Credibility And Trust With A Well Designed Website:

Business owners are searching online for janitorial services every day.  Having a well designed (and written) website can establish your company’s credibility, gain the trust of prospects and generate qualified leads.

5) Getting Your Website To Rank On Page 1 Of Google:

If your website developer has done a good job, you should show up in Google’s search results after a period of time.   But, don’t expect to be on or near page 1 right away.  There’s a lot of competition out there and it takes time to improve your website’s rankings.

Website Optimization For Google: 

 You may have a great looking website, but what good is it if your prospects can’t find it on Google?  Your site might be ranking poorly because of various technical reasons.

Some of this has to do with coding on the back end of your website.  Your website has to speak the language that Google understands.  You have very little chance of improving your rankings if your website hasn’t been coded correctly.

 6) Local SEO Improves Rankings And Generate “Free” Leads;

Local SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that can help your website rank higher in Google’s organic search results.

Studies have shown that 50% of all clicks occur organically.  While organic “clicks” are free, it’s not easy to get your website on page 1 of Google.  You may need to hire an experienced agency to improve your website’s rankings. Over time, SEO can pay for itself as your rankings improve and you get your share of “free” clicks and leads.

7) Pay Per Click Ads Gets You On Page 1 Of Google Now:

Google advertising is the only way to get your website to the top of page 1 of Google quickly. Google advertising, aka pay per click, can provide a very high ROI when your ads account is managed correctly.  It’s easy to open a Google ads account, but without extensive experience, you can waste a lot of time and money trying to run a Google ads campaign yourself.

After years of research and development, Local Jani is proud to offer a proprietary system for Google advertising that delivers a high return on investment for janitorial business owners.

Conclusion: Inbound Marketing Closes More Contracts

Inbound marketing (done correctly) delivers a steady stream of qualified, janitorial leads that are easier to close than outbound marketing strategies (e.g. cold calling).  Decision makers will be calling you when they’re ready to hire. Local Jani’s inbound marketing system delivers a high return on investment and was developed exclusively for the janitorial industry.

So, are you happy with the quantity and quality of the janitorial leads you’re currently getting?  Are you closing enough contracts every month to grow your cleaning business and meet your goals?  If not, call us today for a free evaluation and let’s take your company to the next level with our inbound marketing system!

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