Grow Your Cleaning Company Now With PPC [Google Ads]

Do you want to grow your cleaning business now? Then, pay per click, a type of online, inbound marketing could be your answer. Unlike cold calling, decision makers WILL CALL YOU when they see your ads on the first page of Google. When executed properly, PPC provides a steady flow of high-quality janitorial leads.

PPC Will Get You On Page 1 Of Google Now:

PPC works by placing ads about your cleaning company on Google. Your ad appears on the first page when a prospect searches for a cleaning company. The prospect clicks on your ad and visits your website (you will need a website for Google ads). Google charges you for the click, hence the term, pay per click. A lead is generated when the prospect calls you or fills out a form on your website.

Setting Up A Google Ads Account Yourself? Get Help!

In order to run ads, you must open a Google ads account. You can open a Google ads account by following Google’s instructions here:

The following are some important decisions you’ll have to make when setting up your PPC account:

  • choose the locations and cities you want to target;
  • decide which services you want to advertise for:
    • Example: commercial or residential cleaning (or both), 1-time services or contract work, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Set up your ad campaign(s):
    • You may need to set up 1 or more campaigns depending on the services you are advertising for;
    • Create ad groups for each campaign;
    • Select keywords and match types for each ad group;
    • Write ads for each adgroup;
    • Set bids;
  • establish a budget;

Setting up a Google ads account for a cleaning company requires an in-depth knowledge of PPC and the janitorial industry.   If your account isn’t set up and managed properly, your results will suffer.

Google’s toll free support can be used for assistance, but you can waste a lot of time and money trying to manage a PPC campaign yourself. Hiring a PPC agency with janitorial experience is your best bet.

How Much Does PPC Cost:

Ad spend is based on the number of clicks your ads receive. The monthly cost for PPC varies according to the locations and services you target.

There are a certain number of prospects searching online for janitorial services in your area of the country. They search for a cleaning company using different terms, known as keywords.

Search volume (and cost) will vary depending on the keywords and areas you target. You decide how often you want to run your ads and how much you want to spend each month. Google charges your account after you’ve reached a certain ad spend.

Tip: You are in complete control over how much you spend on Google Ads.  Your ads can be turned on and off at any time.

Keywords: How Prospects Find You On Google

Do you know how many different terms people use when searching for a cleaning company online? A lot more than you think. You need a long list of keywords in your account to make sure that your ads will appear for relevant searches. If you don’t add the right search terms (i.e. keywords) to your account, your ads won’t show.

A few examples of keywords that prospects use when searching for a commercial cleaning company online are:

Commercial cleaning company

Commercial cleaning service

Cleaning service

Janitorial Service

Office cleaning company

Some prospects add one or more words to their search and include the city or other terms:

Office cleaning company near me

Janitorial Service Houston, Texas.

The Google Ads Auction: What’s Your Bid?

When you place an ad on Google, you are entering an auction. You decide the maximum amount you are willing to bid on a click (aka your maximum cost per click). An auction begins when someone runs a search for a keyword that you (and others) are bidding on.

Several janitorial companies usually bid on the same keyword at the same time. Google compares all the bids and ranks the ads in a certain order based on several factors.

Ad Rank: Did Your Ad Make It To The Top Of Page 1?

Google ranks your ad based on their proprietary algorithm. Your bid price, i.e. your maximum cost per click (CPC), is probably the most important factor. Google provides a top of page bid estimate for each of your keywords, but there’s no guarantee that your ad will be displayed there when you bid that amount.

 Tip: High Ad Rank Increases Clicks And Leads.

 A higher ad rank results in higher click through rates and more website traffic. Over 50% of all clicks occur on ads in position 1 or 2. Raising your bid can improve your ad rank.

 Tip: Improving your ad rank will improve your click through rate and get you more leads.

Don’t Let Google Spend Your Money: Use Manual Bidding

Google offers many bidding strategies to choose from. Automated bidding allows Google to do the bidding for you and should be avoided. Manual bidding is the preferred method for janitorial companies. For best results, manual bidding should be done by experienced marketing professionals.

Tip: Find out what bidding strategy you are currently using. Automated bidding strategies are easier to manage, but they can cost you more in the long run.

Beware Of Google’s Limited By Budget Warnings: It’s Only A Machine Talking!

If you’re getting warnings that your PPC budget is too low, don’t automatically raise it. Increasing your budget may get the warning removed, but it can raise your costs unnecessarily. Remember, Google wants you to spend as much as possible on ads. While a higher budget may yield more clicks and website visitors, they may not be the type of clicks you want.

Have your account analyzed to determine if it’s been set up correctly before raising the budget. Some simple changes to your account settings can often solve the problem.

Low Quality Scores May Be Wasting Your Ad Spend

Google grades your account by assigning a quality score to each keyword you bid on. Scores range from 1-10, with 5 being average. Quality scores are based on ad and website quality (sounds subjective, but it isn’t).

Quality scores below 5 indicate that there may be a problem with your ad copy or website content. High quality scores reduce your cost per click. Google assigns a quality score (QS) to each keyword and an average QS to your account.

Tip: Writing better ad copy and improving your website can raise quality scores and lower your ad spend.

Get The Right Leads By Using The Right Keywords:

The keywords in your account should be generating the type of leads you want. If you are a commercial cleaning company, you don’t want to pay for residential leads and visa versa. If you’re getting the wrong types of leads it could be due to the keywords you’re using.

Google’s Keyword Planner Isn’t Enough:

The keyword planner is a free tool in your Google account that can be used to find keywords and forecast budgets. The tool can provide inaccurate data because it doesn’t differentiate between residential and commercial cleaning. Professional marketing agencies with janitorial experience can provide better traffic and budget estimates for commercial cleaning PPC campaigns.

Use Keywords That Attract Buyers:

Choosing the right keywords can improve your PPC results dramatically. Some keywords have a much higher “buyer intent” (i.e. the searcher is ready to buy now). When someone uses the keywords near me in their search, it usually means they’re looking to hire a new cleaning company now.

Tip: Keywords with the term near me are very high converting keywords and should be added to your PPC account.

Stop Wasting Your Ad Spend: Use The Right Keyword Match Types:

 Adding the right keywords to your account is essential. But, its hard to add all of the keywords that users might type in when searching for a cleaning company. That’s where match type comes in.

Google has 4 match type choices that provide different levels of control over the search terms that trigger your ads to appear. If you want your ad to show only when the search matches a keyword exactly, choose an exact match type for that keyword. If you want your ad to show more often, you can select one of the three match types described below.

How To Select The Right Keyword Match Type:

Exact match:

The search term has to match the keyword in your account exactly (or be closely related in meaning). Exact match keywords are preferred because your ads should show only when the searcher has entered the exact keyword (or a close variant).   This reduces the likelihood that someone who isn’t looking for your service will click on your ad by mistake. However, you’ll need a long list of exact match keywords to make sure your ads will appear for all relevant searches.

Important update on exact match keywords:

Recent changes in Google’s exact match definition has affected PPC accounts for janitorial companies. Certain changes to your keyword lists, including the addition of negative keywords, may be necessary to prevent unwanted clicks and wasted ad spend when using exact match keywords.

Phrase match:

The search term must include the keywords exactly, but can include additional terms before or after the keyword.

Search Term: Best cleaning company near me

Keyword: cleaning company

Match Type: phrase match

Search Result: the ad will show for this search because it contains the keywords cleaning company even though it has some words before and after cleaning company.

Tip: Ads can show for irrelevant searches and can result in wasted ad spend on invalid clicks when using phrase match keywords.

Google update on phrase match expected soon:

Phrase match keyword definitions are expected to change soon. This can affect your results and increase wasted ad spend.

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Broad match modified:

All of the keywords have to be present in the search query, but the keywords can occur in any order and words can be added before, after or between the keywords.

Example Search Term: gutter cleaning service company near me

Keyword: cleaning company

Match type: broad match modified

Search Result: Your ad will be displayed for this search because it contains the words cleaning company in it. This can waste ad spend if someone clicks on this ad by mistake (assuming you don’t do gutter cleanings).

 Tip: Use broad match modified keywords sparingly. It can produce invalid clicks and contribute to wasted ad spend.

Broad match:

The search terms can include synonyms of the keyword and can include other words before, after and between the keywords. Someone may use broad match to build keyword lists when they have little to no experience in janitorial PPC marketing. This can waste a lot of ad spend in the beginning months.

Example Search Query: hauling service near my home

Broad Match Keyword: cleaning service

Search Result: your ad will display for this search query because it is related to cleaning service.

If your marketing agency says it’s important to use broad match terms to capture all the possible searches, ask why. This usually indicates that the company has minimal to no janitorial PPC experience.

Negative Keywords: Do You Need Them?

Negative keywords tell Google not to show your ad when a search is run using a certain term. Negative keywords are required when using phrase and broad match keyword types.

Example: If you only provide commercial cleaning services, you can add residential as a negative keyword. This will stop your ad from being shown when someone uses the search term: residential cleaning service.


Tip: Don’t rely on negative keywords to minimize irrelevant clicks. Consider using exact match terms to stop your ads from showing for the wrong types of searches (this is especially true if you provide commercial cleaning services only).

How To Tell If You’re Wasting Money On Bad Clicks: The Search Terms Report

Selecting the proper keywords and match types in your account is critical. You could be wasting money on irrelevant clicks and not even know it. There is a quick way to tell if this is happening by looking at Google’s search terms report.

Below is taken from an account that was using broad match terms before Local Jani started managing the account. Using a broad match type for the keyword janitorial services resulted in several irrelevant clicks, wasting ad spend.  Changing the keyword type eliminated the problem.

Even though the cleaning company didn’t provide these services, someone clicked on the ads and the janitorial company was charged for the clicks. Look at the search terms report in your account to see if you are using broad match keywords and if you are paying for these types of bad clicks.

Studies Show That PPC Clicks Leads To More Purchases:

Studies have shown that PPC clicks (as opposed to organic clicks from SEO) are 50% more likely to result in the purchase of a product or service. That’s because people who click on ads have already decided to purchase the product or service in many cases. Contrast this with people who are more likely to click on organic search results because they are still in the research phase of the buying cycle.

Why PPC Generates Qualified Leads:

If you want to do walkthroughs with a better chance of closing accounts, you should consider PPC. You are more likely to meet the decision maker (or a close associate) during the walkthrough and find out why the customer is changing companies. The only obstacle to closing a PPC lead is convincing the prospect that your janitorial company is the right choice.

Is Cold Calling Generating Qualified Leads?

Are you going on walkthrough after walkthrough, but not closing accounts? If that’s happening to you, it’s probably because you aren’t getting qualified leads. Many cold calling appointments are set because someone has persuaded the business owner to “let” you provide a quote.

When you do the walkthrough, the decision maker is often absent and the customer’s interest level is low (based on personal experience). For this reason, cold call leads have a lower conversion rate.

Your Website Matters When Doing PPC:

Writing good ad copy will get prospects to your website. But, if your website hasn’t been designed properly, you won’t get many conversions, i.e. janitorial leads. There are many factors that determine a website’s conversion rate. Most of these are related to the layout and content on your website.

Do I Need A New Website For PPC?

If your website isn’t producing enough PPC leads, you don’t always need a redesign or a new site. Landing pages can be created for PPC campaigns that are separate from your website. These pages can be designed to convert prospects and generate leads more effectively than your website. Marketing companies with janitorial experience can develop cost effective landing pages.

Find Out How Landing Pages Can Improve Your PPC Results

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Businesses are going online to search for cleaning companies every day. PPC can put your cleaning company in front of decision makers and generate the kinds of leads you need. But, PPC has to be done correctly to get results.

For Current PPC Advertisers:

Our Free PPC analysis will give you the information you need to succeed with PPC:

  • Competitive analysis- how does your PPC campaign compare to your competitors?
  • Keyword analysis-are you missing out on leads because of the keywords and match types you’re using?
  • Ad rank analysis- are your ads ranking high enough?
  • Click through rate- how well are your ads performing compared to your competition?
  • Local lead analysis- should you be getting more leads?
  • Cost per lead analysis- are you paying too much for leads?
  • Ad spend analysis- are you wasting money on bad clicks?
  • Conversion rate- is your website producing enough leads based on the traffic you’re getting?

If you haven’t run a PPC campaign before, we can set up a new campaign using our proprietary system for the janitorial industry.

For New PPC Advertisers:

Our free PPC analysis will provide the following information:

  • Local search volume- estimate how many PPC leads are available in your area
  • Website analysis- Is your website ready for PPC ?
  • PPC budget estimate- forecast your monthly budget
  • Cost per lead- estimate your cost per lead

Why Local Jani For PPC?

Local Jani provides PPC services exclusively to the janitorial industry. Our extensive database of PPC campaigns for the janitorial industry allows us to estimate costs and predict results more accurately.

Our dedicated team of experts has the marketing experience to deliver the results you need to grow your cleaning company with PPC now.

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