How To Design A Cleaning Website To Generate More Leads

Cleaning Website Design Tips To Help You Generate More Leads:

Your cleaning business website should provide a steady flow of qualified janitorial leads. Prospects will decide in the first 6-8 seconds after landing on your site whether they want to do business with you or not. If a prospect doesn’t develop a feeling of trust quickly, your chances of generating a lead decrease dramatically.

So, how can you build trust and design a website that generates more leads for your cleaning business? Simply, by including as many of the following features on your website as possible.

Make A Good First Impression With Your Website:

Your website is a direct reflection of you. Its what your prospects see before they get to meet you. It may be your only chance to make a good impression. So, the design and layout of your website for cleaning services should be professional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You wouldn’t go on an important walkthrough in torn jeans. Is your website dressed up enough for your prospects?

Cleaning Website Design: Less Is More

Studies have shown that most people scan a website and don’t read through a lot of text. Website visitors are more likely to scan headlines and paragraph titles to get the information they want. They want to be spoon-fed the information that is important to them.  Keeping paragraphs short, using bulleted lists to get your message across and interspersing photos and graphics will create a cleaner design and keep your prospects engaged. Generic cleaning company website templates often miss the mark on a lot of these design issues.


Elements of Good Web Design:

  • Prospects should know when they click through to your website that you are a janitorial company (they shouldn’t have to figure it out);
  • Webpages shouldn’t be cluttered with too much information;
  • Photos should engage readers, not distract them;
  • Avoid distracting sidebars when possible;
  • Contact forms and call to action buttons should be seen easily;
  • Your unique selling proposition should be prominently displayed (what makes you different from other cleaning companies);


Your website design has to include your value proposition


A good test to determine if your website has been designed properly is having several people look at it and answer some questions. Is it easy to see that you are a janitorial company? Are the phone numbers visible and large enough to see easily? Are your contact forms accessible and easy to fill out? Is it easy to navigate from one part of your site to another?

Develop Trust:

Above the fold refers to the area of a webpage that is visible without scrolling. It’s what you see when you first visit a website (or any webpage). This is the time when first impressions are made and trust is built. Information about your cleaning company, such as customer testimonials, years in business and clients served, should be placed above the fold (when possible) to build trust.

Use Testimonials:

It’s easy to say that you are the best cleaning company in your area. But, its much more powerful when those words come from your customers. Testimonials give prospects information about your company from a customer’s perspective. The testimonial should include the person’s name, job title and company name. Photos (and videos) provide additional credibility to your testimonials.


your cleaning website should include customer reviews


Where To Place Testimonials:

You should have a separate webpage for customer testimonials. Select one or two of your best testimonials to place on your homepage. Try putting these above the fold when possible with a link to your testimonials page.

Which Testimonials Should You Use:

Don’t include long testimonials on your homepage (customers probably won’t read through them completely anyway). Use snippets (i.e. selected portions) from a testimonial that communicates a particular benefit of working with your company or one that shows how you solved a client’s problem.

Display Your Client List:

Make your client list visible by placing it above the fold if possible. Include well-known companies when possible (you don’t have to include all of your clients). People like working with companies who serve other prominent businesses in their area. Placing your client’s logos above the fold can deliver a powerful message about your company.

Awards, Certifications, Organizations:

Awards, certifications and memberships in industry organizations can be placed above the fold to establish credibility. Examples of logos you can use are:

  • Better Business Bureau;
  • Chamber of Commerce;
  • ISSA;
  • BSCAI and other industry organizations.

These logos can also be placed at the bottom of your homepage if there’s no space above the fold.  This commercial cleaning company website has all of these features and more.

Include An About Us Section:

Placing a photo of the owner of the business or your team in action puts a personal touch on your website. A short bio of the owner and statement of the company’s mission adds an element of professionalism.


include a team photo on your website homepage


Highlight Your Company’s Benefits: What’s In It For Them

 Do you know what your company’s benefits and features are? Features relate to the characteristics of the services you provide and benefits are the value that those services provide to your customers. An example of a feature would be the use of HEPA certified vacuums that can capture small particulate matter. A benefit of using HEPA vacuums would be improved indoor air quality.

Customers are more interested in knowing how certain features will benefit them. Write from you customer’s perspective; try to emphasize the benefits of your services, so the customer can see what’s in it for them. Use bulleted lists when possible to highlight benefits and features.

Use SEO To Improve Rankings:

 Building a professional looking cleaning website is an important first step in developing an online presence. But, prospects will never find your website if it doesn’t rank high in Google’s search results (preferably on page 1). Improving your website’s ranking when prospects are searching for a janitorial service can be accomplished by using effective SEO techniques.

 What Is SEO And Why Does My Cleaning Website Need It:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. So, what exactly is that? SEO refers to marketing techniques that are used to improve your website’s ranking on search engines like Google. The goal of SEO is to get your website on page 1 of Google so your company can be easily found by prospects. You won’t get many leads if your company isn’t found on page 1. SEO techniques require knowledge and experience to implement successfully.


websites on page 1 of google capture 71% of all clicks

Some SEO Needs To Be Done Before Your Website Is Completed:

Some SEO should be done on your website before its launched. Part of “on-site” SEO involves writing code on the back end of your website. This allows Google to “remember” your website so it can be displayed when someone searches for the type of services you provide. If you are building your own website, this may be difficult to do without professional help. If your site hasn’t been optimized, you can always do this at a later time.

SEO Improves Rankings Over Time:

 In today’s competitive landscape, many companies are spending money on SEO to improve their website’s rankings. In order to compete and get better visibility, consider hiring a company that provides SEO services. Hiring a marketing company with experience in janitorial marketing is your best bet.


Case Study Of Improved Website Ranking Using Local SEO


How To Improve Your Website’s Rankings:

Some of the techniques used in SEO can be very technical and difficult to understand if you aren’t experienced. SEO can be broken down into something known as local SEO and organic SEO. Local SEO uses techniques to get your company listed in Google Maps (and below) when a business is searching for a janitorial company in your area.

Local SEO is your best chance to rank on page 1 of Google without placing ads. Some local SEO can be done yourself, but you can get faster results by hiring an agency with janitorial marketing experience.

Local SEO Services You Can Do Yourself (some are free):

  • Claim your free Google my business (GMB) listing and fill out your profile completely
  • Set up a business Facebook page
  • Claim your free Yelp listing
  • Join the Chamber of Commerce
  • Obtain BBB accreditation

An important part of local SEO is claiming and optimizing your Google my business page. Getting listed in certain local directories can also help.

Can I Build My Own Website?

You certainly can. There are lots of website builders (some are free) which can be used to develop a website from scratch without prior knowledge or coding experience. Include the features mentioned in this article if you design it yourself. Remember that web design experts spend years honing their skills to develop websites that not only look good, but get results.

Why Your Website May Not Be Generating Leads Now

There can be several reasons you aren’t generating leads from your website. Poor website design and lack of visibility on Google search are two common reasons. SEO done effectively should increase your visibility over time and get more visitors to your website. A website that instills trust and delivers an effective message about your company’s benefits should convert many of those visitors into leads.

What To Do If Your Website Isn’t Generating Enough Leads:

If you aren’t generating enough leads from your website, you should find out why. It could be due to design issues or your company’s message. Marketing agencies with janitorial industry experience can help fine-tune your website’s design and message to generate more leads.

If you’re looking to build a new website or want more leads from your existing site, call the janitorial marketing specialists at Local Jani today for a free consultation.


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