How To Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts As The Economy Re-opens

Businesses are starting to re-open across the country. As they do, many will call back their old janitorial service. But, others may look for a new cleaning company for one reason or another. One thing is for sure: the demand for janitorial services will increase as the economy re-opens.   So, here’s a few questions you should ask yourself: Do you have a marketing plan in place to capture new contracts as they become available in your area? Will your old marketing strategy work in the new business environment? Read on to find out how to overcome the marketing challenges you’ll face as the pandemic drags on.

Why Your Marketing May Not Be Working:

Changes in the competitive landscape could be hurting your marketing results. Many business owners are being bombarded with cold calls from various types of companies trying to set appointments for disinfection services.  Franchise companies are allocating huge sums to television advertising and grabbing market share. Janitorial companies with the foresight (and the budget) have updated their websites to include disinfection services. The demand for cleaning and disinfection services has increased, but so has the competition.

New Competition Has Emerged During The Pandemic:

The janitorial industry has always been competitive. However, the pandemic has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of new companies that are marketing cleaning and disinfection services.

Due to an increased demand for cleaning and disinfection services, new janitorial companies are popping up everywhere. Service companies (e.g. pest control companies), have expanded their offering to include disinfection services. Mold and remediation companies are marketing their expertise in disinfection. With all of these new players vying for the same contracts (or for one-time disinfection services), it will be harder to get your share of new business as it becomes available.

Why You Might Lose Some Cleaning Contracts When Businesses Re-open:  

 The increased demand for companies that provide disinfection services may help or hurt your business. If your company can provide the disinfection services that businesses need to keep their customers and employees safe, your contract may be safe also. So, if you’ve invested in disinfection equipment and have stayed abreast of the most current CDC and EPA guidelines (and can demonstrate competence), you increase your chances of retaining contracts. However, if your clients aren’t confident in your ability to provide the (disinfection) services they need, you run the risk of losing some contracts.

Companies In Your Area Are Getting Leads From Their Website: Why Aren’t You?

Go to Google and search for commercial cleaning company near me. Look at the results. The companies that show up on page 1 (and even page 2 or 3 during these times) are getting a steady flow of leads. So, why are other company’s websites showing up on Google and not yours? Simple answer: either you haven’t made an investment in your website (and online presence) or you didn’t hire the right marketing company.

Business Owners Are Scrutinizing Janitorial Companies Before Hiring:

Business owners are going online to find qualified commercial cleaning companies more than ever before.   In the current environment, prospects are searching for qualified janitorial companies they can trust.   If your company’s website can communicate your company’s competence and credibility, your website will generate qualified leads.

Prospects Are Comparing Companies, Not Just Quotes:

The old saying that price is king may still be true to some degree. However, during the pandemic, business owners have a responsibility to keep their employees and customers safe when they re-open. As a result, they may be willing to pay more for janitorial services than they did in the past. But, they need to be convinced that your company is capable of providing the services they need. Differentiating your company in this environment will be more important than ever.

That’s how can help.  This network of qualified commercial cleaning companies give local businesses the opportunity to receive quotes from qualified janitorial companies in their area.

You Need A Great Website More Than Ever Now:

Prospects that have been contacted through cold calling will often go online to research your company before hiring you (or even setting an appointment). Social proof (testimonials), training and credentials, memberships in organizations and a professional, well written website can improve your credibility. Businesses will be comparing companies (not just quotes); the information you provide on your website about your company can improve your chances of winning contracts.

Websites Without A Disinfection Page Are Generating Less Leads:

If you haven’t updated your website over the past few months, you’re probably not getting your share of leads that are available. This could be due to several factors. During the pandemic less businesses were open and the search for contract cleaning declined. Essential businesses that remained open were searching for companies that could provide one-time disinfection services. Your website wasn’t ranking on Google for those searches if it didn’t contain information on disinfection.

PPC Landing Pages: The Fastest Way To Generate Disinfection Leads Now

The fastest way to generate qualified leads without having a webpage dedicated to disinfection is by running a Google Ads, aka PPC, campaign. Google ads can be run with or without a website (all you need is at least one landing page). So, if you want to take advantage of the current environment and generate leads for disinfection, consider starting a Google ads campaign. Landing pages are less expensive to build than websites and Google ads campaigns can be changed or modified as the business environment evolves over the coming months.

Some Keywords (i.e. Search Terms) Are Getting Higher Search Volumes:

 In the current environment, businesses are looking for companies that can provide both cleaning and disinfection services. The search terms (keywords) they are using to find janitorial companies online have changed somewhat. Some of the old keywords (e.g. cleaning service, janitorial service) are still important, but other terms such as electrostatic disinfection and fogging are being used now. If you haven’t updated your website to include information on disinfection, it’s not too late. Disinfection services will continue to be in high demand for some time.

Email Marketing: Tap Your Pipeline For Leads And Stay In Touch With Your Old Accounts

If you’re running cold calling campaigns, you probably have an email database of decision makers you’ve contacted in the past. It’s probably a good time to send emails to those prospects about the services you provide (be sure to include information on disinfection). Email can also be used to keep in touch with your accounts that were closed during the early phase of the pandemic. Make sure your prospects and accounts know that you are qualified to provide cleaning and disinfection services when they re-open.

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Google Maps: Free Advertising for Local Janitorial Companies:

More than 25% of all leads generated online come from the maps section on page 1 of Google. Google My Business listings that are displayed in the maps section are free. Google business listings can be a great source for generating qualified leads when set up properly. Many janitorial companies are not taking advantage of the free business listing that Google offers. Most companies aren’t using many of Google’s lead generating features.

SEO: The Longer Term Look At Online Lead Generation

While Google My Business can generate leads quickly, SEO takes a few months to get going. The goal of SEO (search engine optimization) is to rank your website in the free listings below the map section on page 1 (and page 2 or 3…). When your website starts to show up in searches for janitorial services, your leads will increase exponentially. SEO done correctly can reduce or eliminate the need for Google Ads and or cold calling over time. SEO is a great investment in your company’s future growth and can pay dividends for years to come.

Why Local Jani For Lead Generation?

Our company has been providing lead generation services for janitorial companies for 10 years. We have used both inbound and outbound marketing techniques. We have modified our marketing techniques since the pandemic began (we are constantly testing inbound and outbound strategies to adjust to the changing business environment).

Don’t miss out on the greatest opportunity in the janitorial industry in years. Business owners are looking for qualified janitorial companies to keep their employees and customers safe. Contact us for a free consult and start getting your share of business as it becomes available in your area.