How To Get Ready For The Boom In New Janitorial Contracts

The pandemic has caused a disruption of business operations in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Large office buildings emptied out. Small businesses closed for months (some of them permanently). This has resulted in the cancellation or putting on hold of a large portion of janitorial contracts (some of which may not come back).


If your cleaning company had contracts with businesses that remained open, your company may be fine. And, if you positioned your company to provide one-time disinfection services, you probably reduced the damage to your bottom line. But, many janitorial companies lost a piece of their business and some of them have closed. So, what does the future hold for janitorial companies that can survive the pandemic?


An Unprecedented Boom In New Janitorial Contracts:

I believe that we are in for the biggest boom in the janitorial industry we have ever seen. And, that boom is about to happen over the next 6-18 months. Why do I say that? Because established businesses will re-open completely at some point. And, in many cases, new businesses will open to replace the ones that couldn’t make it through the pandemic. Combine this with an increased awareness (and demand) for qualified cleaning and disinfection services and we have a boom in the making. So, how can you prepare for all the new business that will become available in the not too distant future? Invest in inbound marketing such as SEO now.


SEO for Inbound, Qualified Janitorial Leads:

The end goal of SEO is to generate qualified janitorial leads. SEO can be defined in simple terms: It’s what marketing professionals do to increase the visibility of your business’s website online. SEO ensures that your company’s website will be seen when someone starts searching online for a janitorial company to hire. People generally search for services and products they are interested in buying now.


The end result of SEO done well: you receive qualified janitorial leads from prospects that will be contacting you.


Why is it important to do SEO now?

SEO takes some time to get results. Google won’t rank your website right away. The demand for contract janitorial work will be increasing as the months go by. As your SEO improves, so will the demand for janitorial contracts. And, when the boom occurs, the leads will start coming in.


Pay Per Click vs. SEO:

Pay per click refers to the placement of paid ads on Google (or facebook/linkedin) to generate leads. PPC has its place. It can generate leads right away. It has been (and still is) very successful in generating business for one-time disinfection services (especially over the last couple of months). However, PPC stops generating leads when you stop paying for ads. PPC is often used to kick start a marketing program for a new company or to target a specific service (e.g. electrostatic spray disinfection). In contrast, once SEO has started working it never really stops producing leads (there are maintenance costs, but they are generally much lower than PPC campaigns).


Cold Calling is Getting More Competitive:

Many janitorial companies use cold calling to generate leads. While this approach can be successful, the moment you stop or slow down your cold calling campaign, the leads dry up. Also, with all of the recent focus on disinfection, many businesses report an exponential increase in the number of cold calls they are receiving from companies marketing those services (not just from cleaning companies). So, it’s getting more difficult to break through the noise and set appointments.


Website Content Will Be King:

Having a professional website with content that engages and converts prospects will be essential in the coming months (and years). Knowing what to write about and how to present your company so that your prospects call you rather than your competition are both an art and a science. You need a company that has the experience and knowledge of the janitorial industry to do this effectively.

Experience in Janitorial Marketing Matters:

Local Jani specializes in developing inbound marketing programs for the janitorial industry. We are in touch with what is going on in the industry and what marketing strategies work best. Our custom content can make your company stand out from the competition and bring you the return on investment you need.

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