How To Get The Decision Maker Present On Cleaning Walkthroughs: [Inbound Leads]

How To Get the Decision Maker Present on Cleaning Walkthroughs: Inbound Leads

We’ve owned a successful commercial cleaning company since 2006.   We’ve quoted hundreds of commercial cleaning jobs ourselves. Before long, it became clear that we closed more contracts when the decision maker was present on walkthroughs.   We used inbound and outbound strategies to generate leads. We found that decision makers were present more often on walkthroughs when we used inbound strategies to generate the lead.

Why we turned to inbound marketing almost exclusively:

More and more decision makers were searching online for cleaning companies than ever before. Inbound marketing captures the lead at the precise moment the business owner decides to change companies. It was much more difficult to find companies that were ready to hire using outbound strategies.

Takeaway: Outbound strategies miss out on a lot of contracts. Your competition is getting those contracts as they become available because they’re doing inbound.

Larger accounts are searching online now:

When we first started using inbound marketing (10 years ago) only the smaller accounts were going online to find cleaning companies. Over the years this has changed. Today’s decision makers are Internet savvy and are going online to research cleaning services when they’re ready to hire. Larger contracts are available online now also.

Takeaway: Even if you have a fine tuned outbound marketing system, you’ll miss out on larger contracts if you aren’t doing inbound.

Outbound leads: The decision maker is NOT usually present on walkthroughs 

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this when doing outbound.  The prospect agrees to a walkthrough. You set the appointment.  Then, when it comes time to do the walkthrough, the decision maker doesn’t show.  What are your chances of closing that deal now?

Getting to meet the decision maker when doing outbound can be challenging.  Many times they’re just not ready to change cleaning companies. Why would they invest the time in doing a walkthrough with you now?

Inbound leads: Decision makers are present on 90% of walkthroughs because they’re ready to change cleaning companies.

A major difference between inbound and outbound leads:  We found that the decision maker was present on 90% of walkthroughs generated from inbound leads because they wanted to be there.

During the walkthrough we were able to discover the decision maker’s pain points and communicate the benefits of hiring us.  The sales cycle was a lot easier when the decision maker was there.

 Takeaway: With inbound leads you can sell your company’s benefits directly to the decision maker on walkthroughs and close more contracts.

Who is getting the contracts in your area when cleaning companies have decided to change?

Go online and do the following search: commercial cleaning company Atlanta (or whatever city you’re located in). Cleaning companies that show up on the first page of Google are getting the leads (and contracts) in your area when decision makers are looking to change. If your company isn’t there you’ll miss out on those leads. Want your share of those leads and contracts?

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