How to Rank Your Cleaning Business on Google Maps [2020]

How to Rank your Cleaning Business on Google Maps [2020]

Studies show that over 25% of all clicks (and leads) for service related businesses come from the maps section on page 1 of Google. Google currently displays 3 listings on page 1 (referred to as the local 3 pack). So, if your company isn’t ranking in the top 3, your chances of generating leads are slim to none. So, how hard is it to rank there?

Our study looked at cleaning businesses in ten major metropolitan areas across the country. Our findings indicated that many companies paid little attention to their GMB listing. Over half never even verified their GMB page (indicating to me that they didn’t even know it existed or they weren’t aware of the lead generation potential).  A large percentage of companies had no reviews.

Inclusion in the maps section seemed to be dependent on what the local competition was doing. Many companies were ranking just because the local competition had incomplete GMB profiles.

This led us to the conclusion that there’s a huge opportunity for cleaning companies (and other service businesses) to get their company in the local 3 pack. The following is a guide to get your company ranking there quickly.

The 7 things your GMB page may be missing that prevents you from ranking:

We researched hundreds of service related businesses across the country and found a common denominator:   when GMB listings are missing any or all of these 7 items, rankings suffer. By going through this list and completing your GMB profile, rankings should improve quickly:

1) verification of listing– many companies never claimed or verified their Google page- if you haven’t verified your listing you have less control over what appears on your Google page (and knowledge panel);
2) selecting a business category– which tells prospects (and Google) what types of services your company provides. Many companies haven’t selected a business category. You have a very slim chance of ranking in the local 3 pack and generating leads when prospects don’t know what services you provide;
3) website link– you can provide a link to your website on your Google business listing- many companies aren’t providing a link to their website;
4) reviews– over half of all commercial cleaning companies surveyed had no reviews on their Google business listing;
5) Google posts– it was rare to find anyone using the Google posts feature- posts are a way to engage your prospects and advertise special offers or provide more information about the services you provide (and gain more online real estate);
6) products and services– Google offers a place to highlight all of the services and products you provide to your customers; very few companies are using this feature (which is fairly new and lets you control some more online real estate);
7) questions and answers– most companies don’t realize that they can post questions and answers themselves; This will get you more real estate and is a way of getting an FAQ page on Google without having to visit your website.

Cleaning Companies Need a Strong Google Page Regardless Of Their Marketing Strategy. 

Whether you’re doing inbound marketing (e.g. Google ads, SEO) or outbound (e.g. cold calling, direct mail, appointment setting, etc.), you can’t escape it. Your prospects will be researching your company online before they decide to hire you. And, the first thing they’ll probably see is your Google Business listing. So, how does your Google page look?

Your Google Business Listing Is Often Your First Impression:

Decision makers are getting younger and younger these days (many of them are in their 30’s and 40’s). Most of them are tech savvy and use Google to research products and services before they make a purchase. When they Google your company, the first thing they’ll see is your Google Business Listing. When they search for a cleaning company in your area, they may also find your business listing in Google maps (if your page is ranking). After looking at your Google page they will do one of three things:

• contact you (if they like what they see);
• click through to your website (if they want more information);
• look for another company (if they don’t like what they see);

Get More Real Estate Online With An Expanded Knowledge Panel:

Google displays your company information in something called a knowledge panel. This is where all (or most) of the information you have provided to Google about your company lives. Your prospects will be looking at your ‘knowledge panel” when researching your company. The more information you provide to Google, the more “real estate” you will own on the page when your knowledge panel comes up. And, this will inevitably result in more leads. Here’s an example of a pretty complete knowledge panel:

An Example of an Incomplete Knowledge Panel of a Cleaning Company


How to Get More Leads From Your Google Business Listing

You’ll get more leads if you treat your Google business listing like a mini website and start using all (or most) of the features that Google offers. Google wants to make it easy for consumers to find information online. And, consumers want instant answers.  If your prospects can get the information they need directly from your Google business listing, they may not look any further.

Your Google Business Listing Can Set You Apart From Your Competition:

As we’ve discussed, most cleaning companies aren’t paying much attention to their Google business listing. This opens the door for those cleaning companies willing to commit some time and resources to improving their Google business page. In today’s digital world, your prospects will be looking at your Google listing regardless of the type of marketing you’re doing. I know I asked this before, but, how does your listing look?

For a free consultation contact Local Jani and find out more about our Google business listing service. Stand out from your competition and start generating leads from your Google business listing now!