Janitorial Marketing Budget Calculator

Fill in the gray shaded cells only. Enter the name of the marketing strategy you want to estimate a budget for. Enter the CPA for the strategy chosen using Local Jani’s CPA calculator. Enter data for the # of new accounts wanted annually and the # of accounts lost to attrition annually.  See below for further instructions. This calculator is best viewed on desktop.  When using on mobile, double click on the cell to enter data.

Find Out What Budget You Will Need To Grow Your Cleaning Business

You can’t set realistic business goals without establishing a marketing budget. Here are the steps you can take to estimate your marketing budget:

  • Set a reasonable goal for annual profit growth;  (Example: $50,000 net profit).
  • Calculate the average monthly profit per account using our CLV calculator;
  • Multiply the average monthly profit by 12 to calculate average annual profit per account;  (Example: $400 monthly profit x 12 = $5,000).
  • Divide your profit goal (e.g. $50,000) by the average annual profit per account (e.g. $5,000) to calculate the number of new accounts needed to meet your goal (e.g. 10 new accounts);
  • Enter the number of new accounts wanted and accounts lost to attrition;
  • Calculate and enter CPA (using our CPA calculator) for a particular marketing strategy;

SEO and Pay Per Click are powerful marketing strategies that can help you meet your business goals. CPA estimates are available from Local Jani for SEO and Pay Per Click strategies (estimates can vary based on your location and other factors).

Do you know how many new cleaning contracts are actually available in your area using SEO and Pay Per Click?  Call Local Jani today and find out.