Pay Per Lead For Qualified Commercial Cleaning Leads

Pay Per Lead For Qualified Commercial Cleaning Leads

Looking to grow your commercial cleaning company?  Are you tired of cold calling and not getting results?  Are you wasting time and money on appointment setting services?  Do you want qualified commercial cleaning leads that convert?  Then read on to find out about an affordable pay per lead program designed exclusively for the janitorial industry.

This Isn’t SEO for Your Website:

It takes an investment of time and money using SEO to get your website on page 1 of Google. While SEO can generate leads that lasts for years, no one can guarantee how many leads you will eventually receive.  Our pay per lead system doesn’t use SEO for your website to generate leads.

No Website or SEO Required To Receive Inbound Janitorial Leads:

While having your own web presence is beneficial, you don’t need a website to participate in our pay per lead program.  We’ve developed a proprietary lead generation system specifically for the janitorial industry.  So, you receive inbound, qualified leads without the monthly management fees associated with hiring a marketing company to do SEO for your website.

Cold Calling Takes Too Long To Close Contracts:

Cold calling can generate leads.  However, it takes a lot of work and follow-up to close accounts using a cold calling system.  You have to contact the decision maker at just the right time.  Cold calling can take years of persistence to close contracts. Do you have the time to wait until that happens?

Get Qualified Leads That Convert Better Than Appointment Setting Services:

You can hire an appointment setting company to generate janitorial leads.  These companies often use outbound marketing strategies, such as cold calling and cold emailing to contact prospects and set appointments.  Bidding on cold calling leads are less likely to convert because they are often price checking and haven’t decided to change cleaning companies.

Get Janitorial Leads That Are Ready To Hire Your Company Now:

When a business is ready to hire a new janitorial company the decision maker will begin their search to gather quotes.  They aren’t waiting for you to call them. How would you like to connect with decision makers when they are ready to hire?  That’s the type of lead you will receive when you participate in our pay per lead program.

Pay For Commercial Cleaning Leads When You Receive Them:

Depending on your geographic area, the time it takes to start generating leads can vary.  However, you only pay for leads when you receive them.

No Ongoing Monthly Management Or Set Up ,Fees:

 Most marketing companies charge a monthly management fee to generate leads without any guarantees.  Our program is performance based:  you only pay us when you receive a qualified, commercial cleaning lead.  There are no set up fees or ongoing monthly management fees.

We Assume The Risk, You Receive The Leads:

If YOU don’t receive leads from our program, WE don’t get paid.  So, we’re incentivized to make the pay per lead program work for you.  There are no long-term commitments.  You can choose to start and stop receiving leads at any time.

We know the types of leads you want.  We’ve been generating inbound, qualified commercial cleaning leads for over 12 years. So if you want to start generating qualified leads for your company…

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